Welcome the Precious Rolling Stones!

 The Most Fabulous 4 Yet!


Our most recent Fab 4 of kittens are absolutely, undeniably and irrefutably our most precious of feline rolling stones yet. Two days ago, having  just been rescued from a street corner, I was handed our four, tiny, furry treasures, all piled up in a pink pet carrier. I opened the cage door to get a better look and instantly heard miniscule instruments tune up and a symphony of four different purrs join force to melt my heart. Their gratitude toward our human kindness was clearly audible and spiritually tangible. These 3 tabbies and one black kitten are the most vulnerable and desperate we’ve taken in so far. The looks they give you with massively oversize kitten eyes are a bit painful to endure, yet beyond irresistible.


Photo Left to Right: Ruby, Diamond, Tanza and little Jasper

The all black boy has what looks like a white diamond hanging at his throat, which made me think of the most precious of stones, the diamond. “How appropriate” I thought. Diamond will be our first black kitten’s name. Soon, I quickly learned that each one was as precious a gem as the last. Four little survivors, clearly tough as stone to have survived on their own so long, yet as soft and twinkling as perfect little angels can be. That led us to choose other precious stones as kitten names. If you spot the lightest, medium haired of the three tabbies, you will recognize little Ruby. She’s the sole female of the bunch. The next, long-haired tabby is spectacular in his “lion of the jungle” fluffiness. His ears are like massive satellite dishes with fur spilling out of them and his mile-long whiskers an adornment of the highest quality. Therefore, we named him Tanza, short for Tanzanite, one of the rarest of gems found in Africa.




Below: Ruby & Tanza20150916_3c

The fourth and last kitten is truly the runt of the bunch. I fall to pieces when I see his huge, adoring eyes bursting out of such a skeletal little head and itsy bitsy body, still trying to navigate a big, bad world, yet sorely unequipped for the task. He is by far the most needy, and most endearing of the bunch. My worries immediately became laser focused on this tiny waif and whether we could save him. But as I became more familiar with him, I realized that he was a tough little stone in his own right. He has fire and fight and we CAN help him succeed in life, I’m certain now! His gorgeous and chaotic black, striped pattern reminded me of one of my favorite semi-precious stones, called Jasper. It’s always unpredictable and stunning in its lovely tiger patterns. Therefore, this last kitten’s name will be Jasper, the tiniest but hopefully most surprising pebble in the Precious Rolling Stones band.


What will happen to tiny Jasper and his precious siblings, Diamond, Ruby and Tanza? Tune in to Kitty Cat Cam, our 24/7 virtual reality kitten TV site and see what happens. Beware, these jewels are going to capture your hearts, but in the most wonderful way imaginable. Thanks also to FOSMAS, the Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter organization who allows us to foster these unimaginably beautiful creatures. FOSMAS staff and volunteers are true life savers in every sense of the word. If you yearn to help the lost and the helpless, support FOSMAS in any way you can. You won’t regret it!

3 thoughts on “Welcome the Precious Rolling Stones!

  1. tanza is just so cute. of course They are all adorable. If I wasn’t in NY I would take tanza in a heartbeat.
    my favorites are long haired fluffy cats.:)


  2. Your update on the rolling stones is truly amazing. You are such a kind person to put this amount of caring and energy into these beautiful kittens. Thank you very much for caring and sharing. they truly have changed the energy is funny to watch.


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