The Stones are Really Rocking and Rolling Now

Don’t think you are a Black Ninja Kitten, Diamond… Know you are!



Fans watching the Kitty Cat Cam site will have noticed a significant surge in energy within the Precious Rolling Stones band of kittens. They unfortunately came to us with some significant tummy and eating issues. I thought they were going to waste away before my very eyes. And the LAUNDRY, oh my, what a lot of laundry they created! Most worrying, I couldn’t get the babes interested in the food that the shelter recommends for little ones of their age and size. The looks of disgust they gave me each time they dipped their tongues into it would have been hilarious if not for their already dangerously fragile stature. Parents out there know THAT look, “NOT the Brussel sprouts!”

Every night I gave them a warm sponge bath to clean them up. They were so docile that they allowed me to bathe them just as if I was their birth mama. Each kitten’s look of adoration was so sweet and the purrs so loud that I never wanted to put them down. Wish we knew what happened to the Madonna cat who bore these priceless treasures. She deserves a medal.

Below: Diamond, Ruby, Tanza and Jasper looking for cuddles



Ruby, Jasper  & Tanza

After a couple of days of having my meals returned to the kitchen untouched, I decided to get serious. I needed to know whether this was an appetite issue or just a “foodie” kitten revolt. So I gave up the good stuff, Fancy Feast, with gravy no less. “Their reaction can’t be any worse,” I told myself. The cat fight that ensued over the new food was epic. Growling and paw batting as each tiny café patron grabbed a mouthful of meat and spun around to eat it before another predator could steal their catch. Needless to say, I believe the Precious Rolling Stones must have been getting grown-up kitty handouts, perhaps even some pure meat, to survive on while lost in the asphalt jungle, however meager. You know what they say… “Once you’ve had the real thing, there’s no going back!”


Diamond & Tanza

The new food gobbling caused some pretty swollen bellies at first, but the icky poo subsided somewhat. More importantly, they started looking less skeletal. Unfortunately, they still couldn’t beat the runs entirely and it was taking a toll on the Stones’ energy and playfulness. Never fear though fans, their beautiful fairy godmother veterinarian at the San Martin Animal Shelter (Dr. Elizabeth Kather) gave them an absolutely awful tasting potion called metronidazole to swallow! Like magic, the litter boxes soon began to fill with teeny, tiny, well-formed (if not pretty) poops. Our hearts soared and so did our relieved little Stones’ spirits. They’ve been rolling around the playroom as if they have springs for tails and jet packs in place of their miniature paws. Jasper, the runt of the litter with eyes and ears that explode from his wee head is a spectacular athlete as it turns out, albeit still exuberantly clumsy. Diamond, our sleek black boy, has begun entertaining us with jumps and spins worthy of a shot in a Matrix movie scene. See the video on the Kitty Cat Cam Facebook Page if you don’t believe me!


20150921_1c Jasper & Diamond

Tune in on the Kitty Cat Cam site to catch a hopefully happy ending in a journey toward wonderful forever homes for our precious stones, Diamond, Ruby, Tanza and tiny Jasper. Thanks also to FOSMAS, the Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter organization, who allow us to foster these unimaginably beautiful, tiny creatures. They are true life savers in every sense of the word and deserve any support that you can give them. Adopt, volunteer or donate today if you want to help save more tiny lives like those of our Precious Rolling Stones. We can’t help every lost animal, but to the ones who are helped, it means the world.

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