Kittens Behaving Badly

Tanza Tells Jasper a Ghost Story

Those watching the Kitty Cat Cam 24/7 Live Stream might have noticed that poor little Jasper, the runt of the Precious Rolling Stones litter, has been a bit spooked lately. I won’t say which NAUGHTY kitten instigated this, but I hope you’re listening, Tanza!

Wake up Tanza

Then what happened Tanza

Stop the story Tanza

Tanza keeps Jasper Safe

Making fun of Jasper

4 thoughts on “Kittens Behaving Badly

  1. They went back to the shelter yesterday (Monday) to have their spay and neuter surgeries. They will be kept there now until somebody adopts them. They are probably not too happy about leaving our Ritz Carlton Catland, but they need to find forever homes where they won’t be locked in a room all day and have their own dedicated humans to spoil them. Sure do miss them though!!!!!


    1. Hope The Rolling stones find their forever homes soon…silly how much we miss these kittens when they leave! That’s what we wish for them after all … homes !

      I was a bit confused when I logged on and saw this rambunctious bunch but am already falling for them ,they are so funny!!


      1. Yes. This new bunch has had almost no human contact previous to coming here, but after being locked in a cage at the shelter for over a week, they seem to know they’ve won the lottery. We will be working with them daily to help them trust people and I’m sure all that enthusiasm will only blossom with time. It’s why we do this really, to help them get great homes. Should be lots of fun too!


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