The Fast and the Furious Five Arrive

Get ready to feel your hearts accelerate!

We received five furry little speedsters on Monday who are REALLY enjoying all that space to run and climb in the kitten playroom. After a cage at the shelter, they think they’ve been upgraded, first class style, to Kitty Cat Disneyland. Let me introduce them and then please check them out on the Kitty Cat Cam page. They’ve had VERY little exposure to humans and were hissing and hiding when they arrived. But, that’s changing fast, like everything else they seem to do! Because of this, we’ve named them after some of our all-time favorite sports cars. Watch them rev up their tiny, feline engines and hug the playroom road…

Charger Sleeping

Above: Charger

First up is Charger, the orange tabby boy. So far, the boldest and the most powerful of the bunch. He dares to sit exposed in the sky tower while we clean the playroom… the first to leap across to the window ledge and chase a wee dragon on a string when it presented itself. Very impressive! The second boy of the litter is named after another American muscle car and gives Charger plenty of competition. He is a buff colored tabby, what they call an orange tabby dilute, and although subtle, he draws lots of attention. His name is Mustang. Charger and Mustang can be seen wrestling and road racing constantly on the Kitty Cat Cam.


Above: Mustang

Another classic American favorite would have to be the Shelby (Cobra) and the name fits our tiny black and white girl perfectly. She streaks around with power to spare and plenty of American attitude. The second girl is called Porsche. She’s a brown tabby, classy and understated, but with stunning looks and a motor that purrs like an imposing lioness. She was the only kitten to skip the hisses and hold her head up high for a chin tickle. What a face!

Charger and Shelby

Above: Charger and Shelby

Below: Mustang and Porsche

Mustang with Porsche

Lastly, our final girl has to be named Ferrari. She’s a dark tortoise shell breed and she’s SO, SO flashy with her giant pools for eyes and chaotic black, orange and tan coloring, very glamorous! She clearly has a fire in her belly as she takes on the boys in heated wrestling matches, then grooms her sleek fur back to its luxuriously shiny state. A real must see!

Below: Ferrari

FerrariShelby Ferrari and Charger

Above: Shelby, Ferrari and Charger

Voila! That’s our lineup of the 5 fastest and most furious kittens we’ve fostered thus far: Charger, Mustang, Shelby, Porsche and Ferrari. Thanks to San Martin Animal Shelter for letting us be the ones to work with them and help those racy personalities find their softer sides. They’ll make great family members in forever homes, VERY SOON we hope. Stay tuned to see how their race plays out, and support Animal Shelters including San Martin shelter efforts in any way you can. Gorgeous babies like this wouldn’t have a chance in the world without people like SMAS and you!

One thought on “The Fast and the Furious Five Arrive

  1. I have to say watching the kittens is so funny. The two light colored kittens especially. I watched a lot early morning since I’m on the east coast. when it is not daylight yet the camera makes them look like ghost playing. all you see is their dark little eyes. it is so funny.


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