Top Ten Cutest Playroom Pics

Who’s the cutest? Me! Me! Obviously Me!



Nothing cuter than two buff colored brothers (Wallace and Thumper) spooning!


Get out of the way boys, Oprah takes the prize for cuteness!
The Tortie / Calico girls (Odessa & Oprah) challenge the buff boys for cutest pair



Look into my blue eyes and repeat… William is the cutest


A cuteness pyramid = William and Winston holding up their sister Odessa


Gosh I don’t know who to choose. Well me, Tahiti, of course!
A delectable Winston sandwich with Tahiti and Topper as the bread



Now what is cuter than a Mommy (Sassy) and her baby boy (Topper) in matching outfits?
Wilson and Winston
Winston and Wilson stare down all competitors in the cuteness challenge



Tahiti says… “Somebody help! Oprah fainted over her own cuteness!”
Being this cute is exhausting according to tiny Winston and Oreo


Ok. We may have gone over ten in this Top of the cuteness countdown. How can we choose when the level of April Showers Kittens cuteness is SO overwhelming? If you don’t believe us, watch these cuties on Kitty Cat Cam and see if they don’t melt your heart. Don’t forget to help out Towncats, the sponsor who rescues these tiny beauties and gives them a chance at a great life. Like, Donate or Adopt if you can. Every little bit makes a difference!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Cutest Playroom Pics

  1. They are all great. What happened to them and the Momma cats ?? This was my peace full place to come but just got outa hospital and no kitties to watch 😦 Hope they all went to great forever homes.


  2. Sorry you’ve been ill Grant and missed some great kitten antics. Six of the ten kittens were adopted last Saturday at a pet fair. Yes, they all got really wonderful homes to go to. The remaining four will be at a fair this Saturday. The Mommas were just spayed on Monday and have been recuperating a bit in their own quiet space. They couldn’t take the separation for long though and so are back with the babies today. It looks like we may have another new batch as early as Mon/Tues of next week, so ENJOY! Thanks for watching.


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