Helping Cats and Kittens

No More Orphans!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no more orphan cats and kittens struggling to find a safe place in a world where nobody wants them? I’m Jennifer, and my Kitty Cat Cam Blog is about helping cats and kittens find homes. I work with PTZtv, an internet media company, to make the live streaming, high definition coverage of our always amazing and adorable felines possible. Together, we hope that this will allow the whole world to experience their beauty and value, and to learn about their cause.

I also volunteer for a wonderful cat rescue organization called Town Cats. Although there is no formal business relationship between Town Cats and PTZtv/Kitty Cat Cam, they have kindly helped to place some of my past foster kittens into forever homes. They are unlike any other shelter that I’ve ever seen. I also happen to be the lucky owner of four of their gorgeous shelter cats. My life would not be the same without them.

Please follow the journey on live video of these worthy animals and experience their frustration and their happiness in the discovery of hope. Help them, if you can, to find what every cat desires, to be wanted and to have a forever home.

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