Meet our Tiny Chocolates Kittens

20150725_5Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

As some of you have seen on the Kitty Cat Cam, life recently sent us a VERY sweet mix of choices when we signed up to take six four week old feral kittens. In fact, we love our box of picks so much that we’ve decided to call them the Tiny Chocolates Kittens. This delicious assortment of furry goodness includes two very special boys. One is all black, herein known as Hershey, and the other is an orange tabby who will be called Cadbury. Cadbury is a very British chocolate company. It’s the only kind my English husband really likes to eat, of course! Both boys are polydactyl, which means you might notice an excess of toes on their paws. I wonder if having six toes will make them superior hunters. My two Maine Coon kittens have huge, catcher’s mitt paws and they can take a toy bird out of the air without even breaking a sweat. You may have seen Cookie on some Kitty Cat Cam and Kitty Cat Cam Facebook Page videos doing the stadium wave. She doesn’t need the big foam hand because you can practically spot her paws from space.


Tiny Hershey (Shown above) and  Tiny Cadbury (Below left)


Next, we have three of the cutest female tortoiseshell colored kittens ever created, absolute masterpieces I assure you. The biggest is hard to miss because she has a distinctive lightning bolt of orange running down her forehead. We will call her Godiva. 20150726_9b

Tiny Godiva (Shown Above and Below)


The other two smaller torties include one with a fiery orange blaze running up from her nose and one orange left back foot. I think we’ll call her Cocoa because she’s so heart-warming and also looks like she has bits of whipped cream smeared on her neck and her front toes. I do adore whipped cream in my cocoa. Don’t you?20150727_2

Tiny Cocoa (Shown Above left and Below)


The last tortie is pretty shy and wily when it comes to capturing her on film, but has the sweetest gold spot right on the top of her head next to her delectable right ear. When you meet her, all you want to do is kiss it! That’s why we’re calling her Little Kiss (As in a little Hershey’s Kiss of chocolate). Little Kiss also has an adorable orange chin and the extra polydactyl toes to tickle. Check her out below sticking her tongue out at the camera. Such a cheeky Little Kiss!


Our last kitten, the bravest of the bunch by far, is a brown tabby female seen above eating and below topping the kitty pile in luxury. She just makes everything more fun and inviting in the playroom, so welcome our little chocolate patterned girl, herein known as Sprinkles. Who can say no to chocolate sprinkles. She’s irresistible!


Stay tuned for more fun with the Tiny Chocolates Kittens on the live streaming Kitty Cat Cam and follow this blog to learn more about our babies as they progress toward perfect forever homes.

Also, we must give thanks to FOSMAS (Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter) for doing the great work that they do getting cats like these six kittens into great foster homes, full of nurturing, and eventually into loving forever homes . If you would like to help, this wonderful organization is always looking for people to adopt, volunteer, or if you’re not in the N. California area, possibly make a small donation. If you’re unable to do any of those things, at least visit the FOSMAS Facebook Page and Like or Share them with other animal lovers. Every teeny, tiny bit can make all the difference when helping lost animals like our Tiny Chocolates Kittens.