Boys and their Toys


Our Tiny Kitten Proves the Real Joy is in the Journey

The kitten imagination is an amazing thing. It turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with the flick of a tiny paw. Tommy boy is a kitten with one huge imagination! Store bought toys really seem to be a waste of money for him. Behold a few fascinating objects discovered during one busy kitten’s day OUTSIDE the playroom.

Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pulls, and then of course what’s IN the drawer…. if you can get it open.


Daddy’s socks.

zip lock bags

Mommy’s Zip-Lock Storage Bags.

Laundry time

Or a tiny kitten can always rely on the closet and laundry basket for treasures. Tommy says…

Mommy's Shoe

“Check out my favorite smell. Mommy shoes!”

Whats that smell

“Woops. Tiny Kitten feeling Dizzy! Might need a little freshening assistance here.”

This will help

“This will help.”

Much Better

“Much better!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Whats out there

“Screen doors attract lots of bugs… hours of stalking and jumping fun for me!

Stolen Ramen Noodles

“Stolen Chow Mein noodles make for great worm chases… and win me lots of valuable friends too!”

Amazon Delivery Boxes

“Amazon delivery boxes make the best cat palaces! My friend Justin designed this one for me and he’s only eight years old.”


Pretty much ANYTHING attached to a string is furr-tastic!

Human Hands

“Of all my toys, human hands are the most delicious fun!”

Ouch! That’s when we give Tommy a little kitten milk and put him to bed. NO FINGER BITING ALLOWED! Stay tuned on the kitty Cat Cam to watch more adventures of Tommy unfold 24/7.

Milk Beard


Kittens Behaving Badly

Tanza Tells Jasper a Ghost Story

Those watching the Kitty Cat Cam 24/7 Live Stream might have noticed that poor little Jasper, the runt of the Precious Rolling Stones litter, has been a bit spooked lately. I won’t say which NAUGHTY kitten instigated this, but I hope you’re listening, Tanza!

Wake up Tanza

Then what happened Tanza

Stop the story Tanza

Tanza keeps Jasper Safe

Making fun of Jasper