Top Ten Cutest Playroom Pics

Who’s the cutest? Me! Me! Obviously Me!



Nothing cuter than two buff colored brothers (Wallace and Thumper) spooning!


Get out of the way boys, Oprah takes the prize for cuteness!
The Tortie / Calico girls (Odessa & Oprah) challenge the buff boys for cutest pair



Look into my blue eyes and repeat… William is the cutest


A cuteness pyramid = William and Winston holding up their sister Odessa


Gosh I don’t know who to choose. Well me, Tahiti, of course!
A delectable Winston sandwich with Tahiti and Topper as the bread



Now what is cuter than a Mommy (Sassy) and her baby boy (Topper) in matching outfits?
Wilson and Winston
Winston and Wilson stare down all competitors in the cuteness challenge



Tahiti says… “Somebody help! Oprah fainted over her own cuteness!”
Being this cute is exhausting according to tiny Winston and Oreo


Ok. We may have gone over ten in this Top of the cuteness countdown. How can we choose when the level of April Showers Kittens cuteness is SO overwhelming? If you don’t believe us, watch these cuties on Kitty Cat Cam and see if they don’t melt your heart. Don’t forget to help out Towncats, the sponsor who rescues these tiny beauties and gives them a chance at a great life. Like, Donate or Adopt if you can. Every little bit makes a difference!


April Showers (Think Kittens) Arrive


OH MY! How Many Kittens?

Apologies to our readers for not blogging about our first 2016 Kitty Cat Cam litter sooner, but the start of kitten season has arrived like a furious tsunami. We’re calling this new brood the “April Showers” kittens because El Nino has finally blessed us with some downpour here in California. And with it, came a deluge of adorable kittens. The story begins with Towncats, the fantastic rescue organization whom we assist, calling us up and asking, “Is thirteen too many cats for you to take?” Normally, I would have said “Are you crazy.” But the reality was that three feline sisters had all gotten pregnant and given birth on practically the same day in the same house. The resulting ten kittens weren’t sure which Madonna was their actual Mommy. The three sisters had developed an efficient system for sharing the work across the whole lot of them. Powerful bonds had been forged and separating them might mean terrible trauma. For this reason, we summoned our best Arnold “The Terminator” voice and answered… “Failure is not an option!” That is how the Kitty Cat Cam playroom became filled to the brim with captivating kittens!

Did somebody ring the dinner bell?


This milk line could take a while!



Sasha’s under there SOMEWHERE


VERY tired Mommies



I want everyone to meet our sweet Momma cats through this first blog post. The first Mum is Sasha, a dark faced tortie with a heart of gold and the beauty, depth and patience of a Russian iconic saint. The second is a distinctly pale faced tortie, known as Jamaica. She is fiery and opinionated, a little impatient at times, but oh so loving as she rolls over and invites you to massage her poor, swollen, abused nipples! The last Mum is Sassy. She’s somewhat unusual in that she’s an orange tabby female. Normally, orange tabbies are all male. Maybe that’s why they named her Sassy? I’m not sure because she is the most docile, nurturing and laid back of the three. The name Sassy feels like a contradiction. They ingeniously share the work of caring for 10 kittens, all nursing when needed, but each has her own “specialty.” Jamaica is the wise disciplinarian, breaking up fights and righting wrongs. Sasha is the watchdog, running to them and checking the perimeter for danger when one cries or whimpers. She also seems to be teaching them how to play and hunt. Sassy is the nurturer for the most part. Constantly providing baths and comfort and mommy warmth. Lucky kittens!!!








20160414_10-07-39The sad lesson behind this blog is one regarding the dangers of teenage feline pregnancy. The caretaker of these girls/Mommas thought she had more time. She kindly cared for them and they turned out wonderful as a result. Unfortunately, cats can go into heat even before they have fully matured at a full year. We might tell ourselves “I’ll find the time and money to get them fixed next week or next month,” but cats RARELY adapt to our schedules. There are far too many orphan cats and kittens already and we as animal lovers are the only ones who can help change this. These girls are now bravely coping with motherhood even before they could enjoy the remainder of their own kittenhood. They obviously don’t mind their maternal situation, but will be happy when they are relieved of duty. They desperately want a home of their own in which to luxuriate and dominate all attentions the way that sweet, beautiful creatures, such as themselves, deserve.

Another data point that the resident vet at Towncats (Dr. Bing) clued me into, one most people don’t realize… cats that are spayed BEFORE their first heat never need to worry about the risk of breast cancer. Unlike dogs, breast cancer in cats metastasizes almost immediately and is, as a rule, fatal. A female kitten that is spayed promptly is more likely to live a long and healthy life. Some believe that allowing a female cat to have a few heats and even give birth once or twice will make them a better cat. Evidence shows that this is not behaviorally true and the few illnesses that hormone production might benefit from are far less prevalent and deadly than that of breast tumors. Food for thought!



If you want to help cats and kittens like these and promote public education regarding feline teenage pregnancy, consider liking and or donating to Towncats or even adopting if you can, and tell others about the Kitty Cat Cam Reality Cat TV foster site. Our orphans Thank you!



Boys and their Toys


Our Tiny Kitten Proves the Real Joy is in the Journey

The kitten imagination is an amazing thing. It turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with the flick of a tiny paw. Tommy boy is a kitten with one huge imagination! Store bought toys really seem to be a waste of money for him. Behold a few fascinating objects discovered during one busy kitten’s day OUTSIDE the playroom.

Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pulls, and then of course what’s IN the drawer…. if you can get it open.


Daddy’s socks.

zip lock bags

Mommy’s Zip-Lock Storage Bags.

Laundry time

Or a tiny kitten can always rely on the closet and laundry basket for treasures. Tommy says…

Mommy's Shoe

“Check out my favorite smell. Mommy shoes!”

Whats that smell

“Woops. Tiny Kitten feeling Dizzy! Might need a little freshening assistance here.”

This will help

“This will help.”

Much Better

“Much better!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Whats out there

“Screen doors attract lots of bugs… hours of stalking and jumping fun for me!

Stolen Ramen Noodles

“Stolen Chow Mein noodles make for great worm chases… and win me lots of valuable friends too!”

Amazon Delivery Boxes

“Amazon delivery boxes make the best cat palaces! My friend Justin designed this one for me and he’s only eight years old.”


Pretty much ANYTHING attached to a string is furr-tastic!

Human Hands

“Of all my toys, human hands are the most delicious fun!”

Ouch! That’s when we give Tommy a little kitten milk and put him to bed. NO FINGER BITING ALLOWED! Stay tuned on the kitty Cat Cam to watch more adventures of Tommy unfold 24/7.

Milk Beard


The Fast and the Furious Five Arrive

Get ready to feel your hearts accelerate!

We received five furry little speedsters on Monday who are REALLY enjoying all that space to run and climb in the kitten playroom. After a cage at the shelter, they think they’ve been upgraded, first class style, to Kitty Cat Disneyland. Let me introduce them and then please check them out on the Kitty Cat Cam page. They’ve had VERY little exposure to humans and were hissing and hiding when they arrived. But, that’s changing fast, like everything else they seem to do! Because of this, we’ve named them after some of our all-time favorite sports cars. Watch them rev up their tiny, feline engines and hug the playroom road…

Charger Sleeping

Above: Charger

First up is Charger, the orange tabby boy. So far, the boldest and the most powerful of the bunch. He dares to sit exposed in the sky tower while we clean the playroom… the first to leap across to the window ledge and chase a wee dragon on a string when it presented itself. Very impressive! The second boy of the litter is named after another American muscle car and gives Charger plenty of competition. He is a buff colored tabby, what they call an orange tabby dilute, and although subtle, he draws lots of attention. His name is Mustang. Charger and Mustang can be seen wrestling and road racing constantly on the Kitty Cat Cam.


Above: Mustang

Another classic American favorite would have to be the Shelby (Cobra) and the name fits our tiny black and white girl perfectly. She streaks around with power to spare and plenty of American attitude. The second girl is called Porsche. She’s a brown tabby, classy and understated, but with stunning looks and a motor that purrs like an imposing lioness. She was the only kitten to skip the hisses and hold her head up high for a chin tickle. What a face!

Charger and Shelby

Above: Charger and Shelby

Below: Mustang and Porsche

Mustang with Porsche

Lastly, our final girl has to be named Ferrari. She’s a dark tortoise shell breed and she’s SO, SO flashy with her giant pools for eyes and chaotic black, orange and tan coloring, very glamorous! She clearly has a fire in her belly as she takes on the boys in heated wrestling matches, then grooms her sleek fur back to its luxuriously shiny state. A real must see!

Below: Ferrari

FerrariShelby Ferrari and Charger

Above: Shelby, Ferrari and Charger

Voila! That’s our lineup of the 5 fastest and most furious kittens we’ve fostered thus far: Charger, Mustang, Shelby, Porsche and Ferrari. Thanks to San Martin Animal Shelter for letting us be the ones to work with them and help those racy personalities find their softer sides. They’ll make great family members in forever homes, VERY SOON we hope. Stay tuned to see how their race plays out, and support Animal Shelters including San Martin shelter efforts in any way you can. Gorgeous babies like this wouldn’t have a chance in the world without people like SMAS and you!

Covered in Kittens – An Insider’s Perspective

 What would you see if you were covered in kittens?

The Precious Rolling Stones Kittens think I’m their groupie and treat me like the band’s comfy, albeit a little lumpy, mattress. Boy, am I lucky! A gig this good ought to be shared, so I snuck some on-the-scene shots to show YOU what I see when “covered in kittens!” Also, watch me support this adorable, miniature band of purr-artists by visiting PTZtv’s Kitty Cat Cam site.









 Don’t you feel special. Think about fostering through your local shelter. You can also support the work we’re doing by helping FOSMAS (Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter) save lots more lives like those above. Visit FOSMAS soon and like the FOSMAS Facebook Page. Every bit helps!

The Stones are Really Rocking and Rolling Now

Don’t think you are a Black Ninja Kitten, Diamond… Know you are!



Fans watching the Kitty Cat Cam site will have noticed a significant surge in energy within the Precious Rolling Stones band of kittens. They unfortunately came to us with some significant tummy and eating issues. I thought they were going to waste away before my very eyes. And the LAUNDRY, oh my, what a lot of laundry they created! Most worrying, I couldn’t get the babes interested in the food that the shelter recommends for little ones of their age and size. The looks of disgust they gave me each time they dipped their tongues into it would have been hilarious if not for their already dangerously fragile stature. Parents out there know THAT look, “NOT the Brussel sprouts!”

Every night I gave them a warm sponge bath to clean them up. They were so docile that they allowed me to bathe them just as if I was their birth mama. Each kitten’s look of adoration was so sweet and the purrs so loud that I never wanted to put them down. Wish we knew what happened to the Madonna cat who bore these priceless treasures. She deserves a medal.

Below: Diamond, Ruby, Tanza and Jasper looking for cuddles



Ruby, Jasper  & Tanza

After a couple of days of having my meals returned to the kitchen untouched, I decided to get serious. I needed to know whether this was an appetite issue or just a “foodie” kitten revolt. So I gave up the good stuff, Fancy Feast, with gravy no less. “Their reaction can’t be any worse,” I told myself. The cat fight that ensued over the new food was epic. Growling and paw batting as each tiny café patron grabbed a mouthful of meat and spun around to eat it before another predator could steal their catch. Needless to say, I believe the Precious Rolling Stones must have been getting grown-up kitty handouts, perhaps even some pure meat, to survive on while lost in the asphalt jungle, however meager. You know what they say… “Once you’ve had the real thing, there’s no going back!”


Diamond & Tanza

The new food gobbling caused some pretty swollen bellies at first, but the icky poo subsided somewhat. More importantly, they started looking less skeletal. Unfortunately, they still couldn’t beat the runs entirely and it was taking a toll on the Stones’ energy and playfulness. Never fear though fans, their beautiful fairy godmother veterinarian at the San Martin Animal Shelter (Dr. Elizabeth Kather) gave them an absolutely awful tasting potion called metronidazole to swallow! Like magic, the litter boxes soon began to fill with teeny, tiny, well-formed (if not pretty) poops. Our hearts soared and so did our relieved little Stones’ spirits. They’ve been rolling around the playroom as if they have springs for tails and jet packs in place of their miniature paws. Jasper, the runt of the litter with eyes and ears that explode from his wee head is a spectacular athlete as it turns out, albeit still exuberantly clumsy. Diamond, our sleek black boy, has begun entertaining us with jumps and spins worthy of a shot in a Matrix movie scene. See the video on the Kitty Cat Cam Facebook Page if you don’t believe me!


20150921_1c Jasper & Diamond

Tune in on the Kitty Cat Cam site to catch a hopefully happy ending in a journey toward wonderful forever homes for our precious stones, Diamond, Ruby, Tanza and tiny Jasper. Thanks also to FOSMAS, the Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter organization, who allow us to foster these unimaginably beautiful, tiny creatures. They are true life savers in every sense of the word and deserve any support that you can give them. Adopt, volunteer or donate today if you want to help save more tiny lives like those of our Precious Rolling Stones. We can’t help every lost animal, but to the ones who are helped, it means the world.

Welcome the Precious Rolling Stones!

 The Most Fabulous 4 Yet!


Our most recent Fab 4 of kittens are absolutely, undeniably and irrefutably our most precious of feline rolling stones yet. Two days ago, having  just been rescued from a street corner, I was handed our four, tiny, furry treasures, all piled up in a pink pet carrier. I opened the cage door to get a better look and instantly heard miniscule instruments tune up and a symphony of four different purrs join force to melt my heart. Their gratitude toward our human kindness was clearly audible and spiritually tangible. These 3 tabbies and one black kitten are the most vulnerable and desperate we’ve taken in so far. The looks they give you with massively oversize kitten eyes are a bit painful to endure, yet beyond irresistible.


Photo Left to Right: Ruby, Diamond, Tanza and little Jasper

The all black boy has what looks like a white diamond hanging at his throat, which made me think of the most precious of stones, the diamond. “How appropriate” I thought. Diamond will be our first black kitten’s name. Soon, I quickly learned that each one was as precious a gem as the last. Four little survivors, clearly tough as stone to have survived on their own so long, yet as soft and twinkling as perfect little angels can be. That led us to choose other precious stones as kitten names. If you spot the lightest, medium haired of the three tabbies, you will recognize little Ruby. She’s the sole female of the bunch. The next, long-haired tabby is spectacular in his “lion of the jungle” fluffiness. His ears are like massive satellite dishes with fur spilling out of them and his mile-long whiskers an adornment of the highest quality. Therefore, we named him Tanza, short for Tanzanite, one of the rarest of gems found in Africa.




Below: Ruby & Tanza20150916_3c

The fourth and last kitten is truly the runt of the bunch. I fall to pieces when I see his huge, adoring eyes bursting out of such a skeletal little head and itsy bitsy body, still trying to navigate a big, bad world, yet sorely unequipped for the task. He is by far the most needy, and most endearing of the bunch. My worries immediately became laser focused on this tiny waif and whether we could save him. But as I became more familiar with him, I realized that he was a tough little stone in his own right. He has fire and fight and we CAN help him succeed in life, I’m certain now! His gorgeous and chaotic black, striped pattern reminded me of one of my favorite semi-precious stones, called Jasper. It’s always unpredictable and stunning in its lovely tiger patterns. Therefore, this last kitten’s name will be Jasper, the tiniest but hopefully most surprising pebble in the Precious Rolling Stones band.


What will happen to tiny Jasper and his precious siblings, Diamond, Ruby and Tanza? Tune in to Kitty Cat Cam, our 24/7 virtual reality kitten TV site and see what happens. Beware, these jewels are going to capture your hearts, but in the most wonderful way imaginable. Thanks also to FOSMAS, the Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter organization who allows us to foster these unimaginably beautiful creatures. FOSMAS staff and volunteers are true life savers in every sense of the word. If you yearn to help the lost and the helpless, support FOSMAS in any way you can. You won’t regret it!